Бова Бен - The Starcrossed

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Автор: Бова Бен
Название: The Starcrossed
Жанр: Научная фантастика
Издательский дом: Chilton
Год издания: 1975
Pink scented smog, 3-D TV and earthquake-proof aluminium skyscrapers capable of hurtling themselves and their occupants to a safe Pacific splashdown should tremors exceed desired tolerances. This is the twenty-first century of Ben Bova’s hilarious novel, where the Vitaform Process grants nubile new bodies to the aged and a new 3-D TV series offering the illusion of almost live entertainment in the home is all that Bernard Finger, the cigar-chewing loudmouth mogul of Titanic Productions needs to save his company from the brink of financial disaster.Enter one Bill Oxnard, inventor of the 3-D holographic system, Brenda ...


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Бова Бен
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