Дуэйн Диана - So You Want To Be A Wizard

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Автор: Дуэйн Диана
Название: So You Want To Be A Wizard
Жанр: Детская фантастика
Год издания: 1983
Thirteen-year-old Nita Callahan finally finds a way to get back at the notorious school bullies, Joanne and her gang, when she discovers a library book on the art of wizardry. She hardly dares to believe the book's claim that she too can become a wizard if she's willing to take the Wizard's Oath and undergo the danger of a wizard's initiation, the Ordeal. But to her astonishment and delight, her new Wizard's Manual is telling her the truth. While practicing her first spells, Nita meets Kit Rodriguez, another young wizard, and starts working with him to find a solution ...


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Дуэйн Диана
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