Фармер Филип - The Stone God Awakens

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Автор: Фармер Филип
Название: The Stone God Awakens
Жанр: Научная фантастика
Год издания: 1971
Ulysses Singing Bear had no idea that his scientific work would result in a twenty-million-year journey to a world peopled by the descendants of present-day animals. It was the world of Awina, the cat-woman with an impossible love for Ulysses. It was the planet of a mammoth continent-spanning intelligence — The Tree — who knew that Ulysses, the newly-awakened Stone God, could destroy his reign. To enable his species to survive, Ulysses had to find a human mate. To do so, and to fulfill the single condition set by his worshippers, he had to confront The Tree. It would have been an easy task for a god, but he was only a man — and the only man at that.


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Фармер Филип
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