Карр Филиппа - The Love Child

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Автор: Карр Филиппа
Название: The Love Child
Жанр: Исторические любовные романы
In an England riddled by political and religious strife. Priscilla Eversleigh fights the man who ravaged her, who is attempting to possess her daughter, and who separates her through a dark secret they share from the man she truly loves.During the turbulent period of the "Popish plots," fourteen-year-old Priscilla Eversleigh lives untouched in the haven of Eversleigh, the family estate, with her illegitimate sister, Christabel. But this bastion of innocence is about to fall. Danger and romance push their way to her doorstep. Harriet Main and her son Leigh, two trusted family friends, return from the war ...


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Карр Филиппа
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