Олдридж Рэй - The Flesh Tinker and lonelist man

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Олдридж Рэй - The Flesh Tinker and lonelist man скачать бесплатно
Автор: Олдридж Рэй
Название: The Flesh Tinker and lonelist man
Жанр: Космическая фантастика
Год издания: 1987
The author informs us that he has been a potter and a stained-glass designer for about fifteen years. He is married and enjoys sailing, gardening, and Al computer art.His story «Click» was a prizewinner in the Writers of the Future contest, and it was printed in the contest’s second anthology. Currently, he is working on a novel and, hopefully, a couple of short stories for Amazing Stories.(July 1987)


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Олдридж Рэй
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