Ван Вогт Альфред - The Wizard of Linn

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Автор: Ван Вогт Альфред
Название: The Wizard of Linn
Жанр: Научная фантастика
The Golden Age of SF is universally dated from the July 1939, issue of because that's when "Black Destroyer," A. E. van Vogt's first SF story, appeared. Isaac Asimov's first story also appeared in the same month but nobody—as Asimov himself admits—noticed it.People noticed "Black Destroyer," though, and they continued to notice the many other stories that van Vogt wrote over the following decade. With the encouragement and occasionally the direction of John W. Campbell, Heinlein, deCamp, Hubbard, Asimov, and van Vogt together created the Golden Age of SF.Each of those great writers was ...


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Ван Вогт Альфред
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