Варгас Фред - Wash This Blood Clean from My Hand

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Автор: Варгас Фред
Название: Wash This Blood Clean from My Hand
Жанр: Детективы: прочее
“Eccentric characters, complex but gripping plots and a nice wit… Vargas weaves her story expertly.” – Toronto Sun“Bizarre and fascinating.” – Edmonton Journal“Vargas has a wonderfully offbeat imagination that makes each of her novels a refreshing delight.” – The Observer“A gripping chase thriller.” – The Economist“There is a haunting quality to Vargas’s writing.” – Scotland on Sunday***Internationally acclaimed and bestselling crime writer Fred Vargas will be published for the first time in Canada in hardcover by Knopf Canada.In this remarkable addition to the Commissaire Adamsberg series, has a serial killer ...


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Варгас Фред
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