Воннегут Курт - Player Piano (Utopia 14)

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Автор: Воннегут Курт
Название: Player Piano (Utopia 14)
Жанр: Современная проза
Издательский дом: Panther Science Fiction
Год издания: 1969
This book is not a book about what is, but a book about what could be. The characters are modeled after persons as yet unborn, or, perhaps, at this writing, infants. It is mostly about managers and engineers. At this point in history, 1952 A.D., our lives and freedom depend largely upon the skill and imagination and courage of our managers and engineers, and I hope that God will help them to help us all stay alive and free.But this book is about another point in history, when there is no more war, and . . .


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Воннегут Курт
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