Webb Holly - The Unwanted Puppy

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Автор: Webb Holly
Название: The Unwanted Puppy
Жанр: Домашние животные
Издательский дом: Stripes Publishing
Год издания: 2018
Zoe loves dogs but hasn't had one of her own since her beloved Honey died. Then Zoe spies Scout, a gorgeous Bernese Mountain puppy, in the park after school. Scout belongs to four-year-old Jack and his family, who are new to the neighbourhood.Zoe offers to walk Scout in the park as she's worried the large, lively puppy isn't getting enough exercise or attention. Gradually she falls in love with Scout - but she knows that Scout belongs to Jack, even if his family don't have the time to give Scout the care he needs. How can she help Scout when he isn't her dog to help?


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Webb Holly
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