Abbott Megan - Bury Me Deep

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Автор: Abbott Megan
Название: Bury Me Deep
Жанр: Крутой детектив
Издательский дом: Simon & Schuster
Год издания: 2009
In October 1931, a station agent found two large trunks abandoned in Los Angeles’s Southern Pacific Station. What he found inside ignited one of the most scandalous tabloid sensations of the decade.Inspired by this notorious true crime, Edgar®-winning author Megan Abbott’s novel is the story of Marion Seeley, a young woman abandoned in Phoenix by her doctor husband. At the medical clinic where she finds a job, Marion becomes fast friends with Louise, a vivacious nurse, and her roommate, Ginny, a tubercular blonde. Before long, the demure Marion is swept up in the exuberant ...


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Abbott Megan
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