Allbeury Ted - The Twentieth Day of January

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Автор: Allbeury Ted
Название: The Twentieth Day of January
Жанр: Политический детектив
Издательский дом: Dover Publications, Inc
Год издания: 2017
It’s 1980 and the Cold War continues to rage. Seemingly out of nowhere, wealthy businessman Logan Powell has become President-elect and is only weeks away from assuming the most powerful position in the world on the twentieth day of January. Across the Atlantic, veteran British intelligence agent James MacKay uncovers shocking evidence that suggests something might be terribly wrong with the election. With the help of a reluctant CIA, MacKay sets out on a dangerous and daring mission to discover if the unthinkable has occurred: is President-elect Powell actually a puppet of the Soviet Union?Written by the bestselling author of The Crossing and Pay Any Price, this remarkably plausible thriller offers a heady mix of political intrigue and intense suspense—with the very future of America and the free world hanging in the balance.


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Allbeury Ted
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The Twentieth Day of January