Anam Tahmima - The Bones of Grace

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Автор: Anam Tahmima
Название: The Bones of Grace
Жанр: Современная проза
Издательский дом: Canongate Books
Год издания: 2016
The much-anticipated new novel by the Granta 'Best of Young British' Novelist.'Anwar told me that it wasn't until he almost died that he realised he needed to find the woman he had once loved. I've thought about that a lot in the last few years, that if Anwar hadn't worked on that building site, he might never have gone looking for Megna, and if he hadn't done that, I might still be in the dark about my past. I've only ever been a hair away from being utterly alone in the world, Elijah, and it was Anwar who shone a light where once there was only darkness.'The Bones of Grace.It is the story of Zubaida, and her search for herself.It is a story she tells for Elijah, the love of her life.It tells the story of Anwar, the link in Zubaida's broken chain.Woven within these tales are the stories of a whale and a ship; a piano and a lost boy.This is the story of love itself.


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Anam Tahmima
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