Andreas Steve - Help with Negative Self–talk Volume I

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Автор: Andreas Steve
Название: Help with Negative Self–talk Volume I
Жанр: Психология
Издательский дом: Real People Press
Год издания: 2009
Most eating disorders, Alcohol and other substance abuse and addictions, Anxiety and panic disorder, Anger and violence, Depression, Procrastination, Self-confidence & self-esteem issues...the list goes on and on.Often the people who suffer from these problems don’t realize that they are caused by inner critics, internalized parents, and other troublesome inner voices because they are so focused on the horrible feelings that result from them. Sometimes this negative self-talk is playing constantly in the background, like a song stuck on repeat!It is very difficult to directly change an unpleasant emotion, but often quite easy to change an inner voice. When the voice changes, the feelings usually change with it, allowing for a more resourceful response to life's challenges.By learning how you talk to yourself, you can easily learn new and more helpful ways to do so.


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Andreas Steve
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Help with Negative Self–talk Volume I