Avocato Lori - Dead On Arrival

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Автор: Avocato Lori
Название: Dead On Arrival
Жанр: Триллер
Normally, insurance fraud investigator Pauline Sokol likes to keep her feet firmly on the ground. But her latest undercover assignment has the aero-phobic ex-nurse flying high-as she takes off to ground a land-and-air ambulance company that's been doing some rather flighty billing. Even having ER Dano, the company's best (and hottest!) paramedic, in the copter seat next to her isn't enough to soothe her queasy tummy.But her insides really start doing loop-de-loops when one of the company's owners is brutally murdered-and Pauline starts receiving creepy phone calls… from the killer! Suddenly the air looks a lot safer than the ground. And if Pauline doesn't crack this case soon, even mouth-to-mouth from her favorite paramedic won't be enough to revive her.


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Avocato Lori
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