Aye Michael - Barracuda

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Автор: Aye Michael
Название: Barracuda
Жанр: Морские приключения
Admiral Lord Gilbert Anthony and his brother Lieutenant Gabriel Anthony, fighting for the Crown during the American Revolution, find adventure, daring privateers, and a ghost ship. The ghost ship Barracuda plies the waters off the coast of Saint Augustine in 1777. The Barracuda takes no prize and leaves no one alive. Tracking down the Barracuda is only one of the many challenges and battles the brothers face when assigned to protect Florida loyalists. Facing the privateers, who know the surrounding inlets and rivers, affords a series of dangerous missions for the crew and costs them many men and a few good ships. As the war takes its toll, Gil yearns to return to England, while Gabe steals the hearts of local women.


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Aye Michael
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