Bach Richard - A Gift of Wings

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Автор: Bach Richard
Название: A Gift of Wings
Жанр: Философия
Издательский дом: Dell/Eleanor Friede
Год издания: 1974
Once in a generation a book, a vision, a writer, capture the imagination and emotions of millions. was such a book. Richard Bach’s unique vision again shines forth, touching with magic the drama of life in all its limitless horizons. Once again Richard Bach has written a masterpiece to help you touch that part of your home that is the sky.....  .For all who wish to rise above their earth-bound existences to feast on the freedom and adventure that Richard Bach knows and loves and recreates so magnificently, this book offers—Review“He captures the sheer exhilaration, at moments approaching exaltation, that he experiences up there.”— .


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Bach Richard
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