Ballantyne Tony - CAPACITY

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Автор: Ballantyne Tony
Название: CAPACITY
Жанр: Киберпанк
Издательский дом: Tor
Год издания: 2005
In this uneven sequel to Ballantyne's , humans can live on as digital clones or "personality constructs" of themselves, leading multiple lives in the numerous matrices of 23rd-century cyberspace and enjoying equal rights with their physical compatriots. Like the first series entry, this novel interweaves several story lines concerning the dubious existence of an omnipotent artificial intelligence known as the Watcher, who controls the Environmental Agency, the organization in charge of all aspects of the digital and physical worlds. With the help of a geisha-garbed agent (and her numerous digital clones), a woman seeks asylum from a cyberspace killer determined ...


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Ballantyne Tony
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