Ballard J.G. - Cocaine Nights

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Автор: Ballard J.G.
Название: Cocaine Nights
Жанр: Современная проза
There’s something wrong with Estrella Del Mar, the lazy, sun-drenched retirement haven on Spain’s Costa Del Sol. Lately this sleepy hamlet, home to hordes of well-heeled, well-fattened British and French expatriates, has come alive with activity and culture; the previously passive, isolated residents have begun staging boat races, tennis competitions, revivals of Harold Pinter plays, and lavish parties. At night the once vacant streets are now teeming with activity, bars and cafes packed with revelers, the sidewalks crowded with people en route from one event to the next.Outward appearances suggest the wholesale adoption of a ...


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  Ballard J.G.
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