Balogh Mary - A gift of daisies

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Автор: Balogh Mary
Название: A gift of daisies
Жанр: Исторические любовные романы
THE IMPOSSIBLE MR. GOWER     Lady Rachel Palmer was quite used to men falling helplessly in love with her. Every gentleman in aristocratic society, including her devoted fiancé, Lord Algernon Rivers, fell a willing victim to Rachel's dazzling beauty and bewitching charm.    Every gentleman, that is, except Lord Rivers' closest friend, the studiously unfashionable and splendidly handsome Mr. David Gower.    Mr. Gower made it clear that the ravishing Rache represented everything he scorned, and that he was the very last man in the world she could ever ensnare. It was a challenge Rachel could not ignore-from a ...


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Balogh Mary
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