Bear Elizabeth - Ancestral Night

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Автор: Bear Elizabeth
Название: Ancestral Night
Жанр: Космоопера
Издательский дом: Saga Press
Год издания: 2019
Halmey Dz and her partner Connla Kurucz are salvage operators, living just on the inside of the law… usually. Theirs is the perilous and marginal existence—with barely enough chance of striking it fantastically big—just once—to keep them coming back for more. They pilot their tiny ship into the scars left by unsuccessful White Transitions, searching for the relics of lost human and alien vessels. But when they make a shocking discovery about an alien species that has been long thought dead, it may be the thing that could tip the perilous peace mankind has found into full-out war.Energetic and electrifying, is a dazzling new space opera, sure to delight fans of Alastair Reynolds, Iain M. Banks, and Peter F. Hamilton.


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Bear Elizabeth
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