Belyaev Alexander - The Amphibian

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Автор: Belyaev Alexander
Название: The Amphibian
Жанр: Научная фантастика
Издательский дом: Progress Publishers
Год издания: 1959
will throw you back to a time when skin and deep-sea diving had not yet made the Silent World begin yielding up its secrets on a really big scale, as aqualung and snorkel are doing today, and present to you Alexander Belyaev’s 1928 prevision of the ocean mastered by mankind.Sea-devil has appeared in the Rio de la Plata. Weird cries out at sea, slashed fishermen’s nets, glimpses of a most queer creature astride a dolphin leave no room for doubt. The Spaniard Zurita, greed overcoming superstition, tries to catch Sea-devil and force it to pearl-dive for ...


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Belyaev Alexander
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The Amphibian