Binder Eando - I, Robot

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Автор: Binder Eando
Название: I, Robot
Жанр: Научная фантастика
First published in 1939, golden age science-fiction author Eando Binder's , about the "confessions" of one Adam Link, a mechanical man, preceded, and according to Isaac Asimov inspired, the more famous later robot series. Later, with Binder's permission, Asimov "borrowed" the title for the first collection of his robot tales. Until Binder's , the robots in science fiction stories had been menaces, either used as automatons by evil schemers in attempts to take over the world, or themselves being the evil schemers intent on conquering and exterminating humankind. For the first time, in , Binder made the robot the hero of the piece and made prejudiced humanity the villains. And for the first time, the author told his story from the viewpoint of the robot himself.


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Binder Eando
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