Browining Abigail - Murder Most Merry

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Автор: Browining Abigail
Название: Murder Most Merry
Жанр: Старинная литература: прочее
A great holiday gift for mystery fans, this new short story collection of over thirty Christmas tales of crime contains contributions from some of the best writers of the genre: Patricia Moyes, John D. MacDonald, Rex Stout, Julian Symons, Georges Simenon, Margery Allingham, Lawrence Block, John Mortimer and many others. These holiday tales with a murderous twist include suspicious Santa's helpers; a Christmas pageant player who assumes the role of a killer; and evil elves with malicious intentions. Beware of hanging mistletoe and stuffed stockingsseason, as you celebrate a creepy Christmas with.


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Browining Abigail
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Murder Most Merry