Brown Jay - Growing Marijuana Indoors

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Автор: Brown Jay
Название: Growing Marijuana Indoors
Жанр: Сад и огород
Издательский дом: ECW Press
Год издания: 2013
With clear information and helpful tips presented in a straightforward format, this handbook teaches marijuana growers how to cultivate the best pot in the world. Whether it’s medical () or recreational marijuana (), growing good, effective ganja can be a complicated task. This guide simplifies the steps and shows harvesters how to fully control the growing environment by carefully monitoring temperature and humidity levels; getting rid of any insects, moulds, or fungi; and using air filters and positive ventilation. By following the instructions included within, growers will learn to breed a variety of plants that can be easily ingested or smoked, keeping coughing to a minimum and yielding a soothing “body high.”


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Brown Jay
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Growing Marijuana Indoors