Bulmer Kenneth - Demons World

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Автор: Bulmer Kenneth
Название: Demons World
Жанр: Научная фантастика
Издательский дом: Ace Books
Год издания: 1964
WHOSE WORLD IS THIS?He was a tall man, well-muscled and tough, with the strong intelligent face of a leader. But his mind was as blank as a newborn baby’s.The Foragers had rescued him and brought him to Archon; now the Controllers were teaching him, as they would a child, forming his mind. But one day they would send him Outside again, out of the safe runnels of Archon to face the terrors that existed in the land of the legendary Demons.Somewhere out there was the clue to his lost memory, his otherworldly past, and somewhere out there, too, was the hint of a future that could bring disaster and a hideous death.


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Bulmer Kenneth
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