Carter Chris - An Evil Mind

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Автор: Carter Chris
Название: An Evil Mind
Жанр: Триллер
Издательский дом: Simon & Schuster
Год издания: 2014
A freak accident in rural Wyoming leads the sheriff’s department to arrest a man for a possible double homicide, but further investigations suggest a much more horrifying discovery — a serial killer who has been kidnapping, torturing, and mutilating victims all over the United States for at least twenty-five years.The suspect claims he is a pawn in a huge labyrinth of lies and deception — but can he be believed?The case is immediately handed over to the FBI, but this time they’re forced to ask for outside help. Ex-criminal behavior psychologist and lead detective with the Ultra Violent Crime Unit of the LAPD Robert Hunter is asked to run a series of interviews with the apprehended man.These interviews begin to reveal terrifying secrets that no one could have foreseen, including the real identity of a killer so elusive that no one, not even the FBI, had any idea he existed — until now…


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Carter Chris
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