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Cater John - Pi Day Doomsday

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Автор: Cater John
Название: Pi Day Doomsday
Жанр: Триллер
Год издания: 2015
Simon Fogner, a dying Nobel Prize-winning nuclear scientist threatens Los Angeles with an unfathomable doom, submerged deeply offshore. Will L.A.'s finest with aid from the U.S. Navy, USCG, FBI, and DHS unravel his ciphered clues and find it in time? Is Southern California's annihilation imminent as the calendar flips to pi day?A gripping tale of greed, revenge, and intrigue, PI DAY DOOMSDAY submerges you into the deranged world of madness and retribution surrounding a malevolent genius, banished from science, living on the edge of insanity, intent on destroying humanity. A thriller like no others, this one holds you in suspense until the last millisecond.


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Cater John
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