Cawthorne Nigel - Sex Lives of the Great Dictators

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Автор: Cawthorne Nigel
Название: Sex Lives of the Great Dictators
Жанр: История
Издательский дом: Trafalgar Square Publishing
Год издания: 1996
Prion’s internationally bestselling Sex Lives series presents lighthearted accounts of the sexual escapades of major figures in history, politics, religion, the arts, and film. Irreverent and gossipy, the books are packed with carnal tidbits and eye-opening revelations. Power corrupts—absolute power is even more fun. is a look at the bedroom antics of the most powerful, and some of the most evil, men in history. Napoleon said “Not tonight, Josephine,” but only because he was busy entertaining other women. Lenin returned to Russia in the closed train in 1917 with his wife and two mistresses, and Benito serenaded his conquests with a violin. And Hitler? Well, as you would expect, he was just plain weird. Five of his lovers committed suicide because of his questionable practices.


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Cawthorne Nigel
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