Chase Marilyn - The Barbary Plague

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Автор: Chase Marilyn
Название: The Barbary Plague
Жанр: Альтернативная история
Издательский дом: Random House
Год издания: 2003
The plague first sailed into San Francisco on the steamer , on the day after New Year’s in 1900. Though the ship passed inspection, some of her stowaways—infected rats—escaped detection and made their way into the city’s sewer system. Two months later, the first human case of bubonic plague surfaced in Chinatown. Initially in charge of the government’s response was Quarantine Officer Dr. Joseph Kinyoun. An intellectually astute but autocratic scientist, Kinyoun lacked the diplomatic skill to manage the public health crisis successfully. He correctly diagnosed the plague, but because of his quarantine efforts, ...


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Chase Marilyn
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The Barbary Plague