Davidson Avram - Rogue Dragon

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Автор: Davidson Avram
Название: Rogue Dragon
Жанр: Научная фантастика
Издательский дом: Ace Books
Год издания: 1967
Jon-Joras had come to Earth simply to oversee arrangements for a dragon hunt to amuse the king. These hunts were as much pageantry as sport — the dragons, brought to Earth centuries before as pets of an alien race, were powerful but slow-witted. But suddenly the dragons had become dangerous — quick, deceptive, a menace to the nobles who hunted them. And Jon-Joras found himself caught in the middle of an uprising that could shake the powers that ruled the star-worlds.AVRAM DAVIDSON has been a respected figure in both science-fiction and mystery circles for a decade or more. He has won both the Hugo award for the best science-fiction short story of the year, and the Edgar award for the best mystery story, and was editor of until turning to full-time writing.Ace Books has previously published a collection of his best short stories under the title of (F-330).


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Davidson Avram
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