Davis Richard - The Bar Sinister (1903)

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Davis Richard - The Bar Sinister (1903) скачать бесплатно
Автор: Davis Richard
Название: The Bar Sinister (1903)
Жанр: Классическая проза
In his preface, Davis sheds light on the origins of The Bar Sinister. "In the dog world, the original of the bull-terrier in the story is known as Edgewood Cold Steel and to his intimates as 'Kid'. His father was Lord Minto, a thoroughbred bull-terrier, well known in Canada, but the story of Kid's life is that his mother was a black-and-tan named Vic. She was a lady of doubtful pedigree. Among her offspring by Lord Minto, so I have been often informed by many Canadian dog-fanciers, breeders, and exhibitors, was the only white puppy, Kid, in a litter of black-and-tans."


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Davis Richard
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