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DeSilva Bruce - A Scourge of Vipers

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Автор: DeSilva Bruce
Название: A Scourge of Vipers
Жанр: Детективы: прочее
"Bruce deSilva takes everything we love about the classic hard-boiled detective novel and turns it into a story that's fresh, contemporary, yet timeless." – Joseph FinderTo solve Rhode Island's budget crisis, the state's colorful governor, Attila the Nun, wants to legalize sports gambling, but her plan has unexpected consequences. Organized crime, professional sports leagues, and others who have a lot to lose – or gain – if gambling is made legal flood the state with money to buy the votes of state legislators.Liam Mulligan, investigative reporter for The Providence Dispatch, wants to investigate, but his bottom-feeding corporate bosses ...


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DeSilva Bruce
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