Devoti Lori - Unbound

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Автор: Devoti Lori
Название: Unbound
Жанр: Фэнтези
Год издания: 2007
Risk Leidolf was a hellhound — a legendary, otherworldly creature who was both man and beast. For centuries, he'd been bound to do the bidding of a cruel witch queen. But after being ordered to destroy novice witch Kara Shane, the man within him rebelled. And the beast within him was held at bay — for now. Fiercely drawn to each other, Risk and Kara soon formed a passionate alliance as they set out to find her missing sibling — and the key to his salvation. For the power unleashed by the twin witches could free him from the witch queen's bondage. But that freedom came at a steep price. For the fierce battle would put more than one soul at stake…and two hearts on the line!


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Devoti Lori
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