Doctorow Cory - Eastern Standard Tribe

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Автор: Doctorow Cory
Название: Eastern Standard Tribe
Жанр: Киберпанк
Издательский дом: Tor Books
Год издания: March 2004
The first thing you notice when reading Eastern Standard Tribe is that it suggests a methodology that Doctorow follows when building his novels: identify and research a cool new idea, add more and more cool bits to that idea, and then build into a story. In Down and Out the cool idea was reputation-based economies, and in Tribe it's a new kind of social group emerging that chooses to abandon its local standard time to live and work in stop with another more desirable one...Damien Broderick, in a recent review, coined the rather amusing term "blogpunk," which ...


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Doctorow Cory
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