Dunn Jonathan - The Forgotten King

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Автор: Dunn Jonathan
Название: The Forgotten King
Жанр: Старинная литература: прочее
The Forgotten King is new ebook writen by Jonathan Dunn.The Forgotten King ebook is a history of the Dark Ages, of the forgotten ages that followed the fall of Rome. Civilization did not collapse with the Roman empire, however, but grew again on an island nation off the coast of Europe. It was called Atilta, a land of ancient forests and great, maritime capitals. At this time, it was at war with itself as its people fought for freedom. Yet the freedoms they desired were contradictory: some longed to overthrow their tyrannical king, others their tyrannical God. It was a fight of forest against city, and nature against civilization; of man against beast, and beast against God. But whom was the victor? For the island of Atilta is no longer to be found. Yet its history remains, embedded into the myths and legends of an exiled people. This is its story. This is the history of The Forgotten King.


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Dunn Jonathan
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The Forgotten King