Eden Cynthia - Burn For Me

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Автор: Eden Cynthia
Название: Burn For Me
Жанр: Любовная фантастика
Издательский дом: Kensington Publishing Corp.
Год издания: 2013
Eve Bradley was undercover looking for a story, not a cause. But something about the man they called Subject Thirteen got her involved. The scientists said he was a devil, and they had a decent case: Terrifying power. A bad attitude. And looks that could lead anyone to sin. . .Cain O'Connor knows the minute he catches her candy scent that Eve could drive him wild. But she's a threat--in a way no one has been for him in years. She's safer away from him, too. But with a powerful conspiracy determined to shut Eve up for good, there's no time to argue. All they can do is trust their instincts--and their hearts. . .


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Eden Cynthia
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