Ellory R. - A Quiet Vendetta

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Автор: Ellory R.
Название: A Quiet Vendetta
Жанр: Триллер
When Catherine Ducane disappears in the heart of New Orleans, the local cops react qui ckly because she's the daughter of the Governor of Louisiana. Then her body guard is found mutilated in the trunk of a vintage car. When her kidnapper calls he doesn't want money, he wants time alone with a minor functionary f rom a Washington-based organized crime task force. Ray Hartmann puzzles ove r why he has been summoned and why the mysterious kidnapper, an elderly Cub an named Ernesto Perez, wants to tell him his life story. It's only when he realizes that Ernesto has been a brutal hitman for the Mob since the 1950s that things start to come together. But by the time the pieces fall into place, it's already too late.


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Ellory R.
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A Quiet Vendetta