Feather Jane - The Diamond Slipper

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Автор: Feather Jane
Название: The Diamond Slipper
Жанр: Исторические любовные романы
Dear Reader,What comes to mind when you think of a diamond slipper? Cinderella, perhaps? That's what Cordelia Brandenburg imagines when her godparents arrange a marriage for her with a man she's never met-a marriage that will take her to Versailles, far from the rigid confines of her childhood home. The betrothal gift is a charm bracelet with a tiny, glittering diamond slipper attached…as befits a journey into a fairy-tale future.But Cordelia-young, headstrong, and completely adorable-runs into trouble right away. Her escort to the wedding is the golden-eyed, sensual, teasing Viscount Leo Kierston. For Cordelia, ...


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Feather Jane
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