Fredrickson Jack - A Safe Place for Dying

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Автор: Fredrickson Jack
Название: A Safe Place for Dying
Жанр: Детективы: прочее
An extortion letter arrives at Crystal Waters, one of Chicago's wealthiest gated communities. It makes no specific threats, gives no instructions, demands only that $50,000 be gotten ready--chump change for an enclave where the cheapest house is worth three million. It's easy to see it as harmless--a note from a nut.Then a mansion explodes. The homeowners panic, and want it hushed up. If word gets out that a bomber is targeting Crystal Waters, their multimillion-dollar homes will become worthless, a last catastrophe for people strung out from living the good life too well. They hire Dek Elstrom to ...


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Fredrickson Jack
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