Garber Joseph - Vertical Run

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Автор: Garber Joseph
Название: Vertical Run
Жанр: Криминальный детектив
Издательский дом: Random House, Inc.
Год издания: 2011
You think YOU had a killer workday…Get ready for the FASTEST thriller of the summer!Each morning in his 45th floor executive office, David Elliot savors the quietmoments until the workday begins.Until today, when his boss walks in and aims a gun at him.For the rest of the day, he will be trapped in his midtown office building, andeveryone David Elliot meets will try to kill him.He has 24 hours to find out why…In *Vertical Run*, you can escape into a world on fast forward, a dramathat plays out with electrifying intensity. No one who reads this book willever see the office the same way again. is available now — run for it!


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Garber Joseph
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Vertical Run