Glass Leslie - Hanging Time

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Автор: Glass Leslie
Название: Hanging Time
Жанр: Старинная литература: прочее
Several very disturbing people had their reasons to persuade Maggie Wheeler to open the door of her shop and then savagely murder her. One of them has disappeared. Another confesses. But faced with a corpse hanging from a chandelier, April Woo isn’t buying the story.When another girl dies in exactly the same way across town, April gets a call from psychoanalyst Jason Frank about a strange man who keeps a sick woman in restraints and might like to dress up in her clothes, and two angry sisters with a very ugly past. Jason and April race to find a vicious killer before another young woman is found dangling.…“Fine psychodrama. Glass walks on the side.”—“Complex insights … Deft plotting and strong characterization will leave readers eager for further installments.”


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Glass Leslie
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