Grahame Paul - Fire Strike 7/9

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Автор: Grahame Paul
Название: Fire Strike 7/9
Жанр: Военная документалистика
Издательский дом: Ebury Press
Год издания: 2010
‘Being a JTAC is the closest a soldier on the ground in the midst of battle can get to feeling like one of the gods — unleashing pure hellfire, death and destruction.’— Duncan FalconerMeet Sergeant ‘Bommer’ Grahame, one of the deadliest soldiers on the battlefield. He’s an elite army JTAC (Joint Terminal Attack Controller — pronounced ‘jay-tack’) — a specially trained warrior responsible for directing Allied air power with high-tech precision. Commanding Apache gunships, A-10 tank-busters, F-15s and Harrier jets, he brings down devastating fire strikes against the attacking Taliban, often danger close to his own ...


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Grahame Paul
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Fire Strike 7/9