Grant Ade - The Mariner

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Автор: Grant Ade
Название: The Mariner
Жанр: Ужасы
Год издания: 2011
ArrayHidden amidst the fractured remains of a sunken world are the answers the Mariner craves. The ocean is endless and yet he has the tools for such a hunt; an antique slave ship infested with Tasmanian devils, a crate of semi-automatic weapons, and a dreamlike clue formed loosely in his mind. Sinister impulses, however, gnaw at his soul, unravelling his sanity: a proclivity for violence and a hunger for rape.Surrounded by mindless zombies, flesh-eating eels and dangerous cults, this sadomasochist could be humanity’s last chance at unlocking the secrets of the crumbling universe. He’s a pervert, an addict and a monster, but might just hold the key to finding a route home…The Mariner is approximately 120,000 words long and contains scenes of a and nature. Recommended only for adults.


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Grant Ade
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The Mariner