Hamilton Edmond - A Yank at Valhalla

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Автор: Hamilton Edmond
Название: A Yank at Valhalla
Жанр: Фэнтези
Год издания: 1941
THE SCIENCE FANTASY CLASSIC! Out of print for more than a quarter of a century! An American pilot unleashes Ragnarok. He flew over the rainbow — but not to Oz! "Memorable!" The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction. The author of The Star Kings returns! In A Yank at Valhalla, the author's euphonious protagonist, a war-weary aircraft pilot on a scientific expedition in the Artic, helps discover a strangely shaped gold cylinder covered with runic symbols. Flying it back to the mainland he soon finds his plane is being drawn northward by an irresistible force. When he spots a vast chasm in ...


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Hamilton Edmond
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