Harbou Thea - Metropolis

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Автор: Harbou Thea
Название: Metropolis
Жанр: Киносценарии
Издательский дом: Wildside Press
Год издания: 2003
Fritz Lang's  is one of the best-known and controversial of the German silent films. Lang's wife, Thea von Harbou, wrote both the screenplay for the movie, and more or less simultaneously, this "novelization".The basic plot of both film and novel is this: a high-technology city, Metropolis, built and owned by Joh Fredersen, is divided between the rich oligarchs living in the high towers and the exploited workers living under the ground level. Fredersen's only son, Freder, falls in love with a working class girl named Maria, who turns out to be the leader of a clandestine, semi-religious ...


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Harbou Thea
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