Hawken Sam - The Dead Women of Juárez

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Автор: Hawken Sam
Название: The Dead Women of Juárez
Жанр: Старинная литература: прочее
In the last twenty years, over 3000 women have disappeared from Ciudad Ju rez, on the border between Mexico and the USA. Sam Hawken takes this story of mass murder and abduction and around it weaves the story of Kelly Courter, a washed up boxer from Texas, who doesn't mind playing the stooge in the ring, so long as he gets paid.Courter is sucked into the underworld of organised crime that flourishes in the city, soon finding himself in way over his head. As his life spins out of control he becomes obsessed with seeking the truth about the female victims of Ju rez. Sam Hawken is a classic American voice and Kelly Courter is a timeless American hero, fighting for freedom and justice in this fast-paced and brutal novel.


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Hawken Sam
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The Dead Women of Juárez