Henderson Alice - Voracious

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Автор: Henderson Alice
Название: Voracious
Жанр: Триллер
Hungry for a good read? Voracious is… 'A GRIPPING, ATAVISTIC SUPERNATURAL THRILLER. sexy, sensuous, and terrifying' (BRAM STOKER AWARD-WINNING AUTHOR CHRISTOPHER GOLDEN).Madeline Keye's gift – to touch someone and see flashes of the past – has set her apart from family and friends. She finds sanctuary in the wilderness, until a backcountry hike in Glacier National Park turns into a hunt – with her as the prey. Because something that's not human is out there. And it's hungry.***“With Voracious, Alice Henderson has created a gripping, atavistic supernatural thriller, a sexy, sensuous, and terrifying dark fantasy. It’s ...


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Henderson Alice
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