Henty G. - At Agincourt

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Автор: Henty G.
Название: At Agincourt
Жанр: Старинная литература: прочее
Agincourt is the quintessential English battle. Outnumbered English forces meet the French on the battlefield, and through courage, tenacity, (and a wicked Welsh weapon called a longbow), they win the day. While Henry V was triumphant, and was immortalized by Shakespeare for his victory, his gains were later squandered by his son, Henry VI, so ultimately not much was accomplished. In this Henty book, Guy Aylmer is an English squire and the son of a knight. He travels to Villeroy, in France, where his lord has a castle, but is swept up in it's defense when it is attacked ...


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Henty G.
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