Hunter Stephen - Dead Zero

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Автор: Hunter Stephen
Название: Dead Zero
Жанр: Триллер
New York Times bestselling author Stephen Hunter returns with his popular hero Bob Lee Swagger and kicks it up another notch when Swagger has to track down an AWOL Marine sniper who resurfaces to complete his last mission. Ray Cruz – called the Cruise Missile by the grunts because he never missed a shot – is still hunting a warlord who has since become America's proudest ally in the Afghan war and may be political savior all have been waiting for. Has Ray gone rogue, or insane, or has he turned? Or is someone imitating Ray while playing a deeper game with a more terrifying objective. Swagger, on the task force meant to catch Ray Cruz before he takes out his prey, has to find out, even if in some deep place, his heart in with the sniper. In a starred review of Hunter's previous bestseller, I, Sniper, Publisher's Weekly declared that 'Hunter is back at the top of his game.'


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  Hunter Stephen
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