Jackson Charles - England Expects

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Автор: Jackson Charles
Название: England Expects
Жанр: Альтернативная история
Издательский дом: Kindle
Год издания: 2011
Wartime England: June, 1940. Edward VIII still reigns and mourns the suspicious death of his mistress, Wallis Simpson six years earlier. France has fallen, leaving the bulk of the British Expeditionary Force trapped on the beaches by Rommel’s advancing panzers as 300,000 men are taken prisoner. Left with almost no troops, guns or tanks, Britain stands alone against a new, more-powerful German Wehrmacht armed with assault rifles, main battle tanks, superbattleships and aircraft carriers, fast and deadly new U-boats and a pair of ‘superguns’ firing seven tonne shells across the English Channel.Squadron Leader Alec Trumbull commands a ...


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Jackson Charles
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England Expects